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Have you ever thought what kind of fish people catch here? What is most popular target now?SoulFishing is a best tool for people enjoy fishing which can share data on time with all your fishing friends including you know and unknown, and at lake, river and sea wherever!
We have wonderful functions below. can see top ranking what kind of fish people caught at the area. 2. You can find the fishing spot where your target exists and caught well. 3. You can get alerts when your rival around you or your rivals all over the world has just caught big fish. 4. You can see valuable data which comes from people's fishing result, with the fish's photo.
4. You don't need to worried about capacity of your machine's memories, when you change it also, because this data exists server not your machine itself. 5. Save battery: The system doesn't exist all the time in spite of you settling the alert. Moreover, we have lots of amazing function. Just try for your fun!
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